When in Montevideo

If you are traveling to Uruguay, you MUST visit the Museo Gurvich in Montevideo. Located on the Plaza Matriz at 1377 Ituzaingó.  The museum features the work of José Gurvich, a Uruguayan artist who lived a very brief life, dying in 1974 at age 47.  He was also one of the more prominent members of the Taller Torres-García, the collective, workshop, and art nursery of the seminal Uruguayan Constructivist, Joaquin Torres-García.   If you have ever wondered whence Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist who has graced the Denver Performing Arts Center with a wonderful statue, you need look no further than some of Gurvich’s drawings and paintings from the late 1950s and 1960s.

Gurvich worked in many mediums and his bas-reliefs are stunning.

I cannot say enough about the ocean of  art created south of our border, and I am not just talking about Freda Kahlo.  You owe it to yourself to seek out some of this work.

The museum’s website is http://www.museogurvich.org/



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