Wonderful Rockwell Kent Exhibit

rockwell-kent-exhibitIf you are going to be in the Albany, New York area, you must see the Rockwell Kent exhibit now at the New York State Museum in the Cultural Education Center. [Link:  http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/]  This is a magnificent exhibit showing many of Rockwell Kent’s great illustrations as well as oils, bookplates, and many other things he produced.  If you are not familiar with any of his work, this is an excellent introduction.

I was surprised to learn that much of the displayed material is from the Rockwell Kent collection housed at the Rockwell Kent Collection and Gallery at the State University [of New York] at Plattsburgh.  [Link:  http://clubs.plattsburgh.edu/museum/rkent1.htm]

My impression is that Kent’s reputation has suffered because of his association with left-wing causes from the 1930s through the time of his death in 1971.  I remember being told by my junior high school art teacher that we should not confuse Kent with Norman Rockwell and that we could not appreciate Kent “because he was a Communist.”  O tempes! O mores! It is an oddity that Kent did not enjoy a revival in the 1960s and 70s, a time that revived the reputations of many left-wing artists.  Perhaps this exhibit signals the beginning of a long due Kent revival.


One Response to “Wonderful Rockwell Kent Exhibit”

  1. PsydayErand Says:

    Lots of folks talk about this matter but you said really true words!

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