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Buenos Aires Handwritten Cafe Sign

02.12. 2009

I’ve always admired the color and artistry of handwritten street signs.  Here is one from our 2008 trip to Argentina.

Handwritten Buenos Aires Cafe Sign

Handwritten Buenos Aires Cafe Sign


Font Abuse

02.9. 2008

A local builder uses this font as a display text. The letter E is very hard to recognize and and makes the words it is used in harder to decipher. This difference is not a good one.  p.s.  The kind folks at My Fonts font forum, specifically schwalbenkoenig, have identified the font as Tarzana Wide, by Emigre.  I can’t be listed as a fan of this one.


Interesting Art Deco Font

02.6. 2008

This sign graces a building entryway in Porto, Portugal. [Yes, in English the name of the city is often written as “Oporto,” but there is no rational reason for this practice.] The building, like most of the buildings in older sections of Porto, is 19th century, but the lettering is very much in the Art Deco Style.