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New Graphic Work

01.29. 2009

I am working on several new graphics at the moment.  Two of them are below.  Once done, they will, like all of my graphics, be available as individual prints.  Most of the prints are also available in limited edition series.  The top item doesn’t have a working title; the lower, is called Cross and Orb.

Untitled graphic and Cross and Orb


ThreadlessTees Contest Entry

07.30. 2008

Here is a design I submitted to Threadless for a theme contest on democracy.  Too political?  I don’t think so.  The Declaration of Independence says “…and liberty and justice for all,”  which to me is quite straightforward and not at all what the Colorado Society for Hateful Anachronisms [i.e., Mr. Dobson] wants it to mean.  Your thoughts?

I was in error when I attributed the “liberty and justice …” to the Declaration of Independence.  As spudhorse correctly noted, the text I quoted  is in the Pledge  of Allegiance.

And liberty and justice for all?

And liberty and justice for all?

A work in process

04.7. 2008

Another something to look at as I keep fiddling with it.

Another something to look at – inspired by the gates in Budapest

02.20. 2008

The Gates

White King Soap Avertisement – note the swastika images

02.11. 2008

Hrag Vartanian’s blog,, had a post about Glendale, CA lamposts  decorated with a swastika motif. I commented that this was not unusual before WWII. I saw this “ghost image” sign on a wall in a small town in the vicinity of Visalia , CA [I think]. I like to photograph the ghost signs and was delighted to find one in good condition, apart from the graffiti which seems to have been applied in a moment of political propriety.


I didn’t win the contest

01.31. 2008

This is a logo I entered in a contest a few years ago for a co-operative market. Mine wasn’t selected, more the shame, so I have changed the name of the market and location not to bring shame upon the operation that wasn’t won over by my wonderful logo.


A Word

01.30. 2008

I am sorry that the images are all marred by the copyright sign, but there are those who wish to take without paying. Although I realize the copyright sign can be corrected, I wanted to make it a little harder to steal the images. If you are interested in purchasing any of the images, I would be happy to send you a PDF of the image. Just contact me, with either through the blog or at


Constructivist House

01.30. 2008


Plant Forms

01.30. 2008

plant forms

Deco Matches

01.30. 2008

This graphic and the next two [i.e., the two above this one]  are all works in progress.
deco matches