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ThreadlessTees Contest Entry

07.30. 2008

Here is a design I submitted to Threadless for a theme contest on democracy.  Too political?  I don’t think so.  The Declaration of Independence says “…and liberty and justice for all,”  which to me is quite straightforward and not at all what the Colorado Society for Hateful Anachronisms [i.e., Mr. Dobson] wants it to mean.  Your thoughts?

I was in error when I attributed the “liberty and justice …” to the Declaration of Independence.  As spudhorse correctly noted, the text I quoted  is in the Pledge  of Allegiance.

And liberty and justice for all?

And liberty and justice for all?


Happy Birthday Peace Sign!

03.2. 2008

The famous peace symbol, which I wore, albeit discreetly camouflaged, through most of my four years of active duty* the late unpleasantness called Vietnam, is now 50 years old. Read the story of this galvanizing symbol at this spot:

*That means that I have spent 3 years and seven months longer on active duty than the current occupant of the White House and a full four years longer than the VP [as well as the P. T. Barnum of the right, Mr. Painkiller, Mush Bimbaugh]. Too bad their martial spirits didn’t have an opportunity to be exercised then, we might have been saved the insanity of the current imbroglio. And, of course, their decisions to take the road that didn’t lead to active duty is yet another issue. Finally, why was the VP given a free pass on this issue when Bill Clinton was roundly attacked? Isn’t what’s sauce for the goose, ……..?