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Wonderful Rockwell Kent Exhibit

02.18. 2009

rockwell-kent-exhibitIf you are going to be in the Albany, New York area, you must see the Rockwell Kent exhibit now at the New York State Museum in the Cultural Education Center. [Link:]  This is a magnificent exhibit showing many of Rockwell Kent’s great illustrations as well as oils, bookplates, and many other things he produced.  If you are not familiar with any of his work, this is an excellent introduction.

I was surprised to learn that much of the displayed material is from the Rockwell Kent collection housed at the Rockwell Kent Collection and Gallery at the State University [of New York] at Plattsburgh.  [Link:]

My impression is that Kent’s reputation has suffered because of his association with left-wing causes from the 1930s through the time of his death in 1971.  I remember being told by my junior high school art teacher that we should not confuse Kent with Norman Rockwell and that we could not appreciate Kent “because he was a Communist.”  O tempes! O mores! It is an oddity that Kent did not enjoy a revival in the 1960s and 70s, a time that revived the reputations of many left-wing artists.  Perhaps this exhibit signals the beginning of a long due Kent revival.


When in Montevideo

01.20. 2009

If you are traveling to Uruguay, you MUST visit the Museo Gurvich in Montevideo. Located on the Plaza Matriz at 1377 Ituzaingó.  The museum features the work of José Gurvich, a Uruguayan artist who lived a very brief life, dying in 1974 at age 47.  He was also one of the more prominent members of the Taller Torres-García, the collective, workshop, and art nursery of the seminal Uruguayan Constructivist, Joaquin Torres-García.   If you have ever wondered whence Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist who has graced the Denver Performing Arts Center with a wonderful statue, you need look no further than some of Gurvich’s drawings and paintings from the late 1950s and 1960s.

Gurvich worked in many mediums and his bas-reliefs are stunning.

I cannot say enough about the ocean of  art created south of our border, and I am not just talking about Freda Kahlo.  You owe it to yourself to seek out some of this work.

The museum’s website is


New Year’s Resolution

01.5. 2009

I will try to keep the blog fresh, which, for me, means a post a week.    I thought that were this to appear on the web, it might help steel my resolve.


Imperial Iron has BIG plans!

03.12. 2008

My good friend, Gloria Mendoza, who with her husband, Pedro, run Imperial Iron, an Ornamental and Public Art iron working firm that combines Gloria’s design talents and Pedro’s skill at the forge, want to construct a series of 1920s style figures that will be part of public displays. Here is the first project they are thinking about. This shilouette is based on a drawing by Gloria’s brother-in-law, that I have converted for them into a vector graphic.  If you have a custom iron work project in mind, there are no better people to transform your thoughts into solid form!  Contact them at 720-628-9993.


Prisma Typeface Sample

03.2. 2008

I copied this page from Modern Alphabets edited byMelbert B. Cary Jr., and published by Bridgeman Publishers, Pelham, NY.  My copy is a second edition, published in 1936.  The first edition was published in 1930.


El Toro

02.25. 2008

This is an graphic I created when doodling.  Actually, some of my more productive moments come when I doodle.  The process seems to loosen the mind and spirit as well as the hand.


White King Soap Avertisement – note the swastika images

02.11. 2008

Hrag Vartanian’s blog,, had a post about Glendale, CA lamposts  decorated with a swastika motif. I commented that this was not unusual before WWII. I saw this “ghost image” sign on a wall in a small town in the vicinity of Visalia , CA [I think]. I like to photograph the ghost signs and was delighted to find one in good condition, apart from the graffiti which seems to have been applied in a moment of political propriety.


The Bunny in our back yard

02.9. 2008

We have a rabbit who spends a part of every day in our back yard – obviously looking for some the the treats we put out for him.  He likes carrots tops, apple pieces, and pear pieces.  Please, no lectures about not feeding the wildlife.  Better we feed him than his diet consist of the bark of the shrubs about the house!


Font Abuse

02.9. 2008

A local builder uses this font as a display text. The letter E is very hard to recognize and and makes the words it is used in harder to decipher. This difference is not a good one.  p.s.  The kind folks at My Fonts font forum, specifically schwalbenkoenig, have identified the font as Tarzana Wide, by Emigre.  I can’t be listed as a fan of this one.


Greetings, Friends and friends

08.17. 2007

Persian fantasy