03.6. 2008

Thanks to the Type Studio newsletter[available from http://www.thetypestudio.com/] , I learned about the typoGenerator site, http://www.typogenerator.net/index.php.

This is an amazing bit of software that lets you generate poster like images, such as the one I did.



Prisma Typeface Sample

03.2. 2008

I copied this page from Modern Alphabets edited byMelbert B. Cary Jr., and published by Bridgeman Publishers, Pelham, NY.  My copy is a second edition, published in 1936.  The first edition was published in 1930.


Happy Birthday Peace Sign!

03.2. 2008

The famous peace symbol, which I wore, albeit discreetly camouflaged, through most of my four years of active duty* the late unpleasantness called Vietnam, is now 50 years old. Read the story of this galvanizing symbol at this spot:


*That means that I have spent 3 years and seven months longer on active duty than the current occupant of the White House and a full four years longer than the VP [as well as the P. T. Barnum of the right, Mr. Painkiller, Mush Bimbaugh]. Too bad their martial spirits didn’t have an opportunity to be exercised then, we might have been saved the insanity of the current imbroglio. And, of course, their decisions to take the road that didn’t lead to active duty is yet another issue. Finally, why was the VP given a free pass on this issue when Bill Clinton was roundly attacked? Isn’t what’s sauce for the goose, ……..?


El Toro

02.25. 2008

This is an graphic I created when doodling.  Actually, some of my more productive moments come when I doodle.  The process seems to loosen the mind and spirit as well as the hand.


Another something to look at – inspired by the gates in Budapest

02.20. 2008

The Gates

White King Soap Avertisement – note the swastika images

02.11. 2008

Hrag Vartanian’s blog, http://hragvartanian.com/, had a post about Glendale, CA lamposts  decorated with a swastika motif. I commented that this was not unusual before WWII. I saw this “ghost image” sign on a wall in a small town in the vicinity of Visalia , CA [I think]. I like to photograph the ghost signs and was delighted to find one in good condition, apart from the graffiti which seems to have been applied in a moment of political propriety.


The Bunny in our back yard

02.9. 2008

We have a rabbit who spends a part of every day in our back yard – obviously looking for some the the treats we put out for him.  He likes carrots tops, apple pieces, and pear pieces.  Please, no lectures about not feeding the wildlife.  Better we feed him than his diet consist of the bark of the shrubs about the house!


Font Abuse

02.9. 2008

A local builder uses this font as a display text. The letter E is very hard to recognize and and makes the words it is used in harder to decipher. This difference is not a good one.  p.s.  The kind folks at My Fonts font forum, specifically schwalbenkoenig, have identified the font as Tarzana Wide, by Emigre.  I can’t be listed as a fan of this one.


Interesting Art Deco Font

02.6. 2008

This sign graces a building entryway in Porto, Portugal. [Yes, in English the name of the city is often written as “Oporto,” but there is no rational reason for this practice.] The building, like most of the buildings in older sections of Porto, is 19th century, but the lettering is very much in the Art Deco Style.


I didn’t win the contest

01.31. 2008

This is a logo I entered in a contest a few years ago for a co-operative market. Mine wasn’t selected, more the shame, so I have changed the name of the market and location not to bring shame upon the operation that wasn’t won over by my wonderful logo.